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  • Snow Removal | Green Thumb Landscaping Ninjas

    Snow Removal Our team of professionals will keep your property safe and accessible all winter long, even during some of the worst storms. Our snow plow services include: Fast, friendly, reliable professionals New reliable equipment 24/7 weather monitioring Seasonal flat rates Repeat visits if needed during large storms Hand shovelling and snowblowing options also available ​ Our winter services will begin at the sign of the first snow fall until sometime in April, depending how the season goes. ​ Call us today to see how we can help you prepare to maintain your property this winter!

  • Pressure Washing | Green Thumb Landscaping Ninjas

    Pressure Washing The exterior of your home takes a rough beating from the weather. Over time, dirt and grime will accumulate which can degrade the paint/surface. This is why we recommend pressure washing your home’s exterior every year to prevent premature wear and be able to identify problem areas before they get worse and cause extensive damage that could be quiet a costly expense. ​ Pressure washing can also be done on decks, patios, fencing, outdoor grills and furniture, driveways and walkways, as well as so much more! ​ ​ Call us today to see how we can help you!

  • Plant & Garden Maintenance | Green Thumb Landscaping Ninjas

    Plant & Garden Maintenance There are many benefits to regular garden maintenance that include things such as: ​ ​Ensure overall health of plants Minimize weeds Reduce damage from harmful insects and disease Maintain aesthetic appeal Promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle for the whole family ​ ​ We are pleased to offer personalized gardening plans from single visits to year round maintenance care. ​ Call us today to see how we can help you!